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We provide clients with a world class facility equipped with technology designed to implement our proprietary test, treat, train methodology – Testing with forward technology that provides unique specific data, Treat through consultation, education, and physical therapy designed from your results, and Train using professional strength and conditioning techniques to reach your maximum potential. .

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Through the use of research grade equipment and data acquisition, we study and track your precise “movement signatures” and assist you in determining and expanding your movement capacity. Your custom movement signature reflects your injuries, behaviors, and experiences from the past and present. The data we collect provides visibility into the functionality of the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems, allowing your body to learn to lead itself.
Our board certified clinicians are committed to provide solutions for your needs by structuring goal-oriented strategies allowing you to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance. Through collaboration with our laboratory technicians and performance coaches, we can ensure that our one-on-one consultations provide solutions based on your individualized locomotive capabilities and capacities.
Variant Training Lab offers elite level strength & performance coaches who implement research based principles for individual success. Our extensive full body screening will allow for a prescription of movements that have immediate relevance with identification of movement characteristics in order to manage and reduce injuries.You will experience the implementation of innovating strategies of strength & conditioning to achieve a high level of performance and functionality.
Variant Training Lab has partnered with the Research Institute of Human Movement (RIHM), a (501c) that serves as a platform for academics, students, and clinicians to collaborate on research and solutions to movement related pain and disability. This relationship supports a richness of content through the dedication of translating, creating, and applying published research.


Bike fitting is about"Fitting the bike to you and not you to the bike". The fit process most importantly is about injury prevention. Through analyzing your pedaling style, taking angle measurements from your legs, shoulders and pelvis and also look at any knee movement that could be caused by improper cleat placement or possible foot angle. Through the fit you will be more comfortable, efficient and powerful on the bike because the bike is being fit to your personal biomechanics not the other way around.